OH International

From Nature to Life

OH International was born from the experience of professionals, doctors and researchers, connoisseurs of the “medical art”, the Medicine of Traditions and the medicine derived from Quantum Physics.


Fitomega® Line

The products of the FITOMEGA line have decades of experience in quality production. They carry out a winning support in the different therapeutic and health phases and practices. All our phytotherapy complexes in the formulations are conceived following the criterion of “synergistic enhancement” of the individual components, resulting from the careful selection of raw materials and the special manufacturing processes of exclusive copyright of our production workshop. The phytosynergy, specifically designed for each product, allows to obtain an absolutely enhanced and harmonious effect compared to the simple sum of the individual components, producing a unique and special team game that increases its overall final effect.

Quality Control operates at various steps of the production line:

1. Input of raw materials
2. Controls during manufacturing stage and packaging stage
3. Control of the finished product
4. Monitoring of the quality of water, of air and of the productive environments.

There are controls over vegetable raw materials

Even if they come form organic farming, the plants that are used in the production are subject to rigid controls with regard to: Pesticides, heavy metals, aflatoxins, microbial contamination.