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CromoStim-PocketVitality, sports, health, beauty and wellness.

It is a Photon Emission Multifrequency (MRT) device.
It stimulates in a not-coherent way organism,
the immune system, increasing the vibrational response.

This is the original CromoStim® technology,
it helps the restore of the cells.

It’s the same technology that is used as a therapeutic application since 1998 through the “biological release of photon energy”, in the spectrum Infrared Near and Far, based on an extremely high frequency, administered to a very weak power, less than 1 mW (milliwatts).

The issue reproduces frequencies at the base of the manifestation of colors, solar frequencies, but low intensity.

CromoStim® uses the principles that form the basis biological processes, and this allows to get a incredibly positive results on living organisms.

  • It is a non-invasive and safe , and it has no contraindications.
  • It has three emitters for a comfortable application.
  • The issue is distributed in the body according to the law on non-linear, non-heterogeneous.
  • Best results are obtained when administered on biologically active points (PBA).

CromoStim® Pocket© is:

  • HANDY;
  • NORM CE (TUV);