GEL 50 g – External Use






DOLGEL ARNICA is a product created by the wise mixture of specific remedies of pain’s and inflammation’s for several types , especially traumatic nature.

The synergy created between the components is reinforced  with an extremely purified transmitting solution: also totally absorbable, that doesn’t grease and leave residues, permits  a  quick reduction of the symptoms

The raw materials that compose it are subjected to severe quality controls and their manufacturing is making with particular solutions that enhance the effect.

Principal constituents:

Arnica montana , Bryonia dioica, Harpagophytum

This gel , thanks to the combined action of its constituents , is indicated Particularly for the secondary pain of traumatism, phlogosis hematomas and for the  re -absorption.

The principle characteristics are :

  • High specific action of Bryona dioica, used since the past for rheumatic pains and for its action on phlogistic processes and on articulations.
  • The akin to cortisone action of Harpagophytum procumbens:  it has the anti-inflammatory properties of cortisone , but it has not the related side effects and the related counter – indications for use .
  • The precious astringent , analgesic and ant-inflammatory actions  of Mountain Arnica

The synergy between these wonderful natural elements , make essential DOLGEL ARNICA for every traumatic process .


Put on 2 or more time a day, according to the necessity.

The product doesn’t have contraindications and can be used in pregnancy.