The “PROFITO” products line meets the needs of those who want to act favorably on psychophysical disharmonies. Their action is aimed at the “decoding” of pathological patterns capable of generating physical and mental imbalances.

PHYSICAL ACTION: favors the reintegration of the functions of the affected system and organ.

PSYCHOPHYSICAL ACTION: regulator and rebalancing of “pathological tendencies” and emotions, sources of discomfort and suffering.


ProFito FG

Regulates and improves liver and biliary function. >>

ProFito PL

Promotes natural pulmonary drainage. >>

ProFito CL

Adjuvant in cases of intestinal problems >>

ProFito ST

Promotes natural gastric drainage. >>

ProFito MP

Rebalancing action of the spleen and pancreas.>>

ProFito CR

Heart rebalancing action. >>

ProFito IT

Promotes the natural drainage of the small intestine. >>

ProFito VS

Rebalancing action of the bladder  >>

ProFito RN

Adjuvant in cases of kidney problems >>

ProFito CIRC

Rebalancing action of cardiovascular and circulatory function. >>

ProFito END

Regulates the functions of the endocrine system  >>

ProFito VSB

It favors the natural drainage of the gallbladder >>