CROMOSTIM©: CromoStim® Pocket© | CromoStim® ToToCroma©


Professional device, has two separate actions and combined:

  • MRT emission (Micro Resonance Therapy)
  • Multifrequency color emission distinct and delayed (NEW CHROMOPUNTURE).


Its specificity consists in the combination the projection of “Color and Energy MRT”.

This allows the recovery of the tissue or organ in its functionality.

  • It can be used for a global therapy.
  • MRT emission (Micro Resonance Therapy).
  • Chromopuncture with 8 pulsed colors.
  • Customized configuration.
  • Projection of colors and White Invisible Light (MRT).

Technical specifications:

  • Fully charged batteries last for three successive hours of work.
  • Simple and portable, easy to use in any therapeutic situation.
  • Independent device, with rechargeable batteries




General information   CromoStim® ToToCroma©   

The unit is pre-adjusted for use, the modulation of the Quantum emission is entirely automatic, controlled by a micro processor.

The processor is programmed specifically to avoid the manually modulation of low frequency, as it happens in automatic scanning.

The Cromopuncture is adjustable independently of the MRT emission.

Frequency of treatment: Daily sessions in acute pathologies, weekly sessions for chronic conditions, or individually sessions depending on the patient and the situation.

  • Method of use: Mobile contactless and distance of 1cm, fixed with or without contact.
  • Action on the patient’s body: chinese points, areas with pain, organ.
  • Action and therapy time: second indications or symptoms of the patient, the frequency and duration of exposure in minutes.

This is non-invasive therapy and has no contraindications.