OH International Srl was born from the experience in the sector of professionals, researchers and doctors, connoisseurs of “medical art”, of Medicine of Traditions, of medicine originated from Quantum Physics.

The therapeutic use of medicinal plants and the remedies for the health of nature are known and mentioned since in the hieroglyphics of ancient Egypt, in the oriental culture texts dating back over 5000 years ago, among the original American populations, then passing through the Greeks and the Romans with a growing importance in the last century up to the present day.

In 1981, OMS  defined the term “officinal plant”, assigning it to any vegetable that contains, in one or more of its parts, substances that can be used for therapeutic purposes.

With this definition, we wanted to re-evaluate a whole series of plants, usually known which constituted, until a few decades ago, the basis of medical science.

Without wishing to diminish the undisputed value of modern drugs, the OMS intervention had the intention of reassigning medicinal plants their undisputed functions in certain sectors of medicine, according to OMS data still 2 out of 3 people still, all over the world, they resort to herbal medicine and natural remedies.

In recognition of the importance of natural integration, research and specialization courses in herbal medicine, science and technology of medicinal plants, natural remedies have been set up at various research institutes and universities.

Therefore scientific research in this sector has evolved modern herbal medicine from the use of “simple” products towards so-called “liquid and solid” compounds, capable of combining in a single preparation also different but synergistic actions aimed at formulating new generation products .

The beneficial properties of our remedies are undisputed thanks to the decades of experience in quality production given by our production laboratories.

For decades, our products have been providing safe and winning support in various therapeutic and health practices “

The manufacturing processes of the production workshops are particularly accurate and are the pride of the Italian dietetic and phytotherapeutic production

The products are subjected to scrupulous and careful chemical-physical analyzes, to quality control that is carried out in their own laboratories.

Therefore both the structures and the processing methods comply with the provisions of the good manufacturing standards for medicines and dietary supplements.

Quality Control operates at various stages of the production line:

  • Entry of raw materials
  • Process controls during processing and packaging
  • Control over the finished product
  • Quality control of water, air and production environments

In particular, it deals with incoming checks of vegetable raw materials. Even if coming from organic agriculture, the plants that enter the farm are subjected to rigorous controls as regards:

  • Pesticides 
  • Heavy metals
  • Aflatoxins
  • Microbial contamination
  • Microbiological checks

Microbiological checks are carried out in a dedicated laboratory with a separate air treatment plant and equipped with absolute filters to avoid contamination in case of accidental spills.

Checks are carried out on both finished products and raw materials.

In addition to the Good Manufacturing Standards, as a manufacturer of phytotherapy, the Company operates in compliance with the HACCP standards, which stands for “Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points”, or “Risk Analysis and Control of Critical Points”.

The HACCP are an important control tool as they oblige the Company to identify, for each production and / or distribution activity, from the reception of raw materials to the transport of the finished product, all those phases that could prove critical for the healthiness of the phytotherapy and for consumer safety. In practice, for each production phase the possible problems are identified a priori and for these the solution is given by identifying the corrective action in advance so that the problem does not arise.

Our products and our formulations can be of great help to all those doctors and health workers who have chosen the path of deep knowledge of the patient.