constipation – does not irritate the colon


It can be useful to restore and balance the normal intestinal transit.

– It helps to restore and regulate the normal intestinal transit
– Intestinal cooling
– Hepatic decongestant


  • Magnesium hydroxide: Thanks to its osmotic power, magnesium promotes the recall of liquids and water in the intestinal lumen, bringing greater hydration and consequently facilitating evacuation.
  • Psyllium: characterized by the presence of vegetable fibers and mucilages has a well-known emollient and soothing digestive system. The fecal mass, supported by the mucilages, promotes the normal volume and consistency of the stools thus favoring the peristalsis and the regularity of the intestinal transept.
  • Agar Agar: gelatinous substance that promotes the regularity of intestinal transit.
  • Manna: substance extracted from the sap that flows from the wounds of the trunk of ash; In particular, mannite, mucilages and organic acids contained in manna are useful for normalizing the volume and consistency of faeces.


In chronic disorders: 1 0 2 capsules in the evening for a few weeks

In acute disorders: 1 0 2 capsules per evening when needed

It is recommended to take it with plenty of water, to allow effectiveness. When taking other medicines, take the product at a distance of at least 3 hours, to avoid malabsorption.