The combination of the 3 elements fire, water and air, the solar heat, the ocean mass, favor LIFE on our planet.

From the observation that both the human body and the earth are essentially made up of water, numerous studies have arisen that have led to the discovery that marine plasma and human plasma are more than similar.

The movements of the tides and atmospheric currents allow vital changes; they contribute to the continuous enrichment of mineral salts and to the maintenance of the vital PH necessary for microorganisms to reproduce and allow their function in the chemical-physical-biological exchanges that are the basis of life. In our body, water is a fundamental element, the osmotic balance between intra and extracellular water determines a circulatory movement with a double exchange of organic substances, minerals, trace elements and nutrients.

Marine “plasma” is therefore a true physiological serum that integrates every need for mineral needs of the cells and maintains perfect osmosis with the internal environment.

Its use allows you to rebalance alterations and bring an exact quantity of essential TRACE ELEMENTS.

Numerous tests demonstrate that it is not possible to reproduce sea water in the laboratory that has the same effects as LIVE SEA WATER.

The vital energy that pervades it, thanks to the combination of the four elements and the marine flora/fauna, makes it unique and non-reproducible.

METHOD OF USE: 1-3 vials per day directly under the tongue or diluted in half a glass of water.