OH Rescue ABF

emergency remedy for emotional and psychophysical problems


It is a particular blend of Bach flower essences and Australian flowers produced according to the principles of flower therapy and traditions used by the Bach method. Thanks to this mix OH Rescue ABF has an incredible energy boost as its main feature.

This union creates a unique synergy that makes it a “first aid” product designed to act effectively and without side effects on emotional and physical problems. It is therefore ideal for all those conditions that alter the psycho-physical balance.


  • Clematis (BACH): the flower figure of the “Romantic”, the one who always has the “head in the clouds”, and dreams with open eyes, detaching himself from reality, running away from it.
  • Impatiens (BACH): the flower of impatience for the person who has the feeling that others are slow; so much so that he prefers to do everything alone with his own rhythm, rather than keeping up with others.
  • Angels word (AUSTRALIAN BUSH FLOWER): the flower of independence.
  • Waratah (AUSTRALIAN BUSH FLOWER): the flower of courage.
  • Stella di Bethlem (BACH): the flower of consolation of salvation and awakening.
  • Rock Rose (BACH): the flower of panic. The positive state of rock roses makes the individual strong and courageous.
  • Cherry Plum (BACH): the flower of self-control for those who are afraid of losing control of body and mind, uncontrolled impulsiveness. In the cherry plum state it feels like a pressure cooker.
  • Fringed Violet (AUSTRALIAN BUSH FLOWER): the flower of centering oneself.
  • Grey Spired Flower (AUSTRALIAN BUSH FLOWER): is the flower of anguish.


7 puffs directed into the oral cavity morning and evening.

“First the mind must be healed, then the body will follow.” EDWARD BACH