Useful in cases of dermatitis – eczema – dermatosis


Adjuvant in all dermatological diseases and symptoms.


  • Cedar of Lebanon: Promotes the body’s cleansing functions.

  • Witch hazel: Antioxidant action. It promotes the functionality of the venous circulation. Contributes to the regularity of intestinal transit.

  • Walnut: Astringent action. It promotes the integrity and functionality of cell membranes. It favors the natural purifying functions of the body and the digestive function. Promotes regular functionality of the cardiovascular system.

  • Black currant: For the drainage of body fluids. Promotes the physiological Integrity and functionality of cell membranes Useful in supporting the regularity of intestinal transit and the functionality of the microcirculation.

  • Field elm: Promotes well-being and trophism of the mucous membranes. Promotes the regularity of intestinal transit.

  • Uncaria tomentosa: Promotes and strengthens the body’s natural defenses


Adults: 20 drops, poured in a little water, 2 or more times a day

We recommend the use combined with the appropriate FITOMEGA SIN or FITOMEGA DRE.


All FITOMEGA® products can be used in association with each other and with any other type of therapy.