USEFUL DRAINING of the nervous system

Adjuvant in the removal and drainage of harmful accumulations at the level of the nervous system, helping to improve the functionality of the brain circulation.


  • Alder: Promotes the drainage of body fluids and the regularity of intestinal transit. Effective draining action at the nervous level as described in the scientific literature.

  • Redwood: Excellent tonic action both on the physical and mental level

  • Birch: Promotes the drainage of body fluids and the functionality of the urinary tract. Promotes the purifying functions of the organism.

  • Linden: Promotes relaxation and sleep (even in case of stress).

  • Uncaria tomentosa: Promotes and strengthens the body’s natural defenses

20 drops, poured in few water, 3 times a day

Children (4-12 years old): 10 drops poured in water 3 times a day

50 ml – drops

 All FITOMEGA® products can be used in combination with each other and in any other type of therapy.